Helpline Number of Jamnagar

In Jamnagar, it is essential to be aware of the Helpline numbers to ensure quick assistance during any unforeseen situation. The following numbers are crucial for Helpline number :

Police Control Room : 100

Dial this number to report crimes, seek police assistance, or report emergencies requiring law enforcement intervention.

Fire and Emergency Services : 101

Contact this number in case of fire incidents or any other emergency requiring fire brigade assistance.

Ambulance Service : 102

Dial this number for medical emergencies to request an ambulance and seek immediate medical attention.

Women Helpline : 181

This helpline provides support and assistance to women facing domestic violence, harassment, or any form of gender-based violence.

Child Helpline : 1098

Contact this helpline for child-related emergencies, including child protection, child abuse, or any concerns related to children’s well-being.

Highway Helpline : 1033

This helpline assists in emergencies on highways, providing support for accidents, breakdowns, or any other roadside emergencies.

Anti-Corruption Helpline : 1800-233-0250

Dial this number to report corruption-related issues or seek guidance regarding anti-corruption measures.

Police- Head Control Room : 0288-2550200

The Police Head Control Room in Jamnagar is the central command center for law enforcement operations, coordinating emergency responses and ensuring public safety.

G.G Hospital : 0288-2554629 , 2664087

G.G Hospital in Jamnagar is a prominent medical facility providing comprehensive healthcare services to the community with skilled medical professionals and advanced treatment options.

Telephone Office Enquiry Internet : 0288-2550197 , 0288-2541111-2542592

The Telephone Office Enquiry Internet in Jamnagar provides information and assistance related to telephone services and internet connectivity to residents and businesses in the city.

G.G Hospital Blood Bank : 0288-2661052

The G.G Hospital Blood Bank in Jamnagar ensures the availability of safe blood and blood products to meet the transfusion needs of patients, contributing to their healthcare and well-being.

Disaster Management : 1077

Disaster Management in Jamnagar involves proactive planning, coordination, and response efforts to mitigate the impact of disasters and protect the community from potential hazards.